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At DataFin Solutions, we know that the same solution does not work for every business. Below are some of the top reasons why DataFin Solutions would be chosen over boxed payroll software.

Customized Solutions

Have you ever used a software program and wished that they could tweak this report or change that function? We know that when you purchase payroll software you are using the programs exactly as they are written when the software was developed. Or you can purchase additional add-ons to do what you thought the program did in the first place. With DataFin Solutions, we have written our own software that we are constantly making changes and upgrades to according to our clients needs. Whether it is a completely new report, modifying an old report or restoring and re-processing data, DataFin Solutions can implement your requests promptly.


No Training Necessary

Are you spending countless hours and dollars on training and support for your payroll software? We created our payroll processing programs, and we know them forward and backward. Don't worry about spending additional time and money on training for payroll, but rather focus your time and money on what is most important to you - growing your business. When you have a question, call us and we will give you an answer promptly. Our focus is payroll, so yours doesn't have to be.


100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Additional Cost

Do you get tired of having to purchase an upgrade for software and then upgrade your equipment for the new software to work properly? And then, when you install the new software and hardware you realize you have to learn how to use it all over again, because with the new upgrade came the new design and features. At DataFin Solutions, we create the software and only upgrade our equipment when necessary. In order to keep costs down for our clients, we own the software and hardware, therefore never having to pass those fees on to our clients. Stop paying for upgrades, patches, equipment, training, wasted employee hours and let DataFin Solutions handle all of your payroll needs.


Focus On Your Business

Why is it that a program goes out on the market and then a month after it is out you have to start downloading patches, updates, new releases and more in order for the program to work as it was advertised? We understand your frustration. When DataFin Solutions handles your payroll, you will no longer have to worry about the hassle of figuring out why the program is not working as it should. When you have a question, you can call us and talk to a live person and not have to sit on hold, talk to a mechanical voice or push pound for more options. Time is a valuable resource, especially when running a business, therefore with DataFin Solutions you won't have to worry about programs that you don't know how to fix or change; we handle it for you.

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