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At DataFin Solutions, you will experience a one on one level of customer service. You will never be lost in the crowd. We know our clients by name not by account number. We want our clients to talk to us, not a mechanical voice that only knows fixed questions and responses. We cater to our clients specific needs and goals in order to provide the best customer service in the business.


Our technology allows us to customize a solution for each client. We are not bound to the software we use, instead we control and create it. Large corporations are reaching for a large volume of clients and therefore have a duplicatable system - one they use over and over for every customer. Not all business' need the same payroll solution and not all business' can afford a proprietary solution. At DataFin Solutions, we provide every client with a solution that fits their needs and budget, while giving them customized options that enhance their payroll.

Customer Satisfaction

Not all business' can uphold a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. With thousands of employees, you can not guarantee who will say what to which customer, but with DataFin Solutions this is our top priority. Our family owned and operated business is here to serve you. We are proud of our standards and we will not let someone who doesn't share our philosophy handle your payroll. We have friendly employees who want to talk to you and won't put you in a que to speak to another person who will put you in another que and so on. Call today to experience our friendly and reliable support staff.


Along with large corporations comes a process that cannot be manipulated. If you would like something out of the ordinary, it will take one person checking with their supervisor, who has to check with their supervisor and so forth. At DataFin Solutions, we know that things do not always go as planned and we work with our customers to provide flexible options that will work for them. This is a standard for DataFin Solutions that we know is necessary in payroll.


At DataFin Solutions, we know our clients by name. We do not refer to them as a number. Each client is unique and we provide a unique solution that fits their specific needs. We realize that not all companies have the same philosophy or conduct business with the same zeal, but again it is a standard for our company. We want to build a rapport with our clients, so we can support you and allow you to focus on your core business.


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