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ABCD Company, Inc.

5 Employees

Located in St. Louis, MO

Paid Weekly


Payroll Cost: $ 28.35*

EFGH Company, Inc.

20 Employees

Located in O'Fallon, MO

Paid Semi-Monthly


Payroll Cost: $ 70.45*

IJKL Company, Inc.

50 Employees

Located in Kansas City, MO

Paid Bi-Weekly


Payroll Cost: $ 161.95*

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

* The payroll cost listed above includes paycheck, paystub, envelope, direct deposit, reports and W2's. All of our solutions are customized. The above are general examples of small, medium and large companies.

There are no hidden fees with our services. Once we have discussed your needs and customized a payroll solution for you, you will know the cost of your payroll. You will not have to worry about getting a bill with unexpected fees.

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